It really doesn’t matter where we are as long as we’re together. #cheesymuch #summerbreak
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It is the stupidest children who are the most childish and the stupidest grown-ups who are the most grown-up.

C. S. Lewis (November 29, 1898 – November 22, 1963) in The Chronicles of Narnia

Song: “Children” by David Darling

Happy birthday, CS Lewis!!! Love you!

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 (by _anke_)

i am without

in solace,
heart bathes
while somewhere, somewhere
thought travels

without warmth
missing laughter

rain –
my faithful companion,
rainbows –
my constant delight

times pass
like a funeral song
at the peak of day
i embrace death

at the rise of moon
i come alive
across the sea
lies my reverie

and i calm myself
and gaze and long for
the beauty of whom
i am without

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I tapped the keys on my pad, searched for the right words inside my messy brain, touched my weary heart… I tried to define this. I can’t. Nothing makes sense anymore. I guess that’s how much I miss you. As if nothing is worthy of my time, but you.

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